South China Sea: Anyone’s Guess How This is Resolved

Peace and Freedom

China and the Philippines: Analysts divided over how the South China Sea dispute between the Philippines and China will progress.

By Marga Ortigas
Al Jazeera

The Philippines challenging China before an international tribunal over maritime disputes has been compared to David going after Goliath.

Many political analysts have questioned how wise a decision it is considering China’s sheer might in the international arena.

Not only is it the most populous country in the world, it is among the most powerful economies… with every other country tied to, if not dependent on, it for trade and development. How do you go up against a country like that?

New islands built by China in the South China Sea reportedly comprise some 810 hectares [Reuters]
People in Philippine diplomatic circles have said they’re not sure they can win the legal battle even if they feel the facts are on their side; they’re aware that…

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