How Britain helped create a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen

News For The Blind

One suggestion for how Britain can best tackle the problem of terrorism in the Middle East: stop fuelling it, and stop participating in it.

Yemen starving baby

In Yemen over 21m – 80% of the population – are in need of aid, 9.4m have little or no access to water, 13m face a food security crisis.

BRITAIN has actively contributed to the creation of a humanitarian disaster in Yemen, and potentially helped turn the Middle East’s poorest state into the new Syria. Not hyperbole or rhetoric, just a bald statement of fact.

I’ll leave it to others to try to explain the near total silence on this issue throughout the British media and across the political spectrum. For now, it will suffice simply to tell the story.

This week the UN declared its highest level of humanitarian emergency in Yemen, with more than 21.1 million people (over 80 per cent of the…

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