The Summer of 2015 — “La Cage aux Folles”- theater review

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Theater Reviews:
Howard Steven Frydman

Goodspeed Opera House Presents “La Cage Aux Folles”

I am sad- but in a good way- I liken it to the sadness one gets at seeing the last remnants of an ice cream cone wane, once in hand, moments later gone, yet the taste, memories and sticky fingers lingers. This sadness I equate with what is known as “Summer-itis” – you know- that sense that this three month Equinox is simply fading too fast and you better squeeze in all the delights of summer while you can. What is a Summer delight you ask my friend? The Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam is a singular one – She is “The” Grand Dame of Summer – musical theater at its best with wondrous productions within that will cause you to take pause and share as a special delight of the Summer of ’15. In fact…

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