Feel-good song!


Tired of everything and nothing at the same time? (I know, weird, but it happens. Or is it just me? Am I THAT unique??)

(Kidding aside!) Or are you in a good mood, with a wide smile on your face? Or both? (Now, that’s weird.)

There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t listen toMike Love’s “No Regrets”. 

This song got me at the first whistle. I mean, dang, that tune!

Even if you’re not the type of person who listens to island vibe-giving music, you will surely feel this song and learn a thing or two. Might you be a teenager dealing with some teenage love problems, or an adult going through a mid-life crisis. No matter how old you are, maybe this is just what you need right now.

Here’s a lovely line from the song: “We are so fearful but somehow invincible.”

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