Glastonbury Festival 2015


Okay, okay: so, cue clichéd ‘festival-chic post’ … around … about … now. No thank you, but here are some of my moments, as a Glasto-attendee virgin, of one of the biggest events of the summer.

First things first: it’s big. Now, everyone tells you to be prepared to walk miles, just from your tent to the stages and then from stage to stage, but no one will understand the scale of Glastonbury until they’ve been. In fact, even when they have been, it’s tricky to comprehend. Take this, for example: on the Wednesday evening, we decided to get our bearings and have an explore to ultimately end up at the GLASTONBURY sign – yes, you know the one. After a good two-hour walk, box of noodles and three drinks later, we began to climb the hillside, and it was only then that we started to grasp just how huge the festival was.

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