Be Still Thy Soul

YSA Winnebago Potluck

Our YSA Winnebago Branch has a potluck once every month! Fortunately, being the Potluck Coordinator is my calling for pretty much a year and a half. This calling has been such a huge blessing! It’s a little nerve-wrecking trusting people to bring food. Because I have really bad anxiety, I often worry too much about pretty much everything. Thoughts like “What if there isn’t enough food?” “What if there is TOO much food?” “What if ___ forgets to bring ____ ” But then I have to think that worrying isn’t something that Heavenly Father wants me to do. Especially with my calling. I’ve learned to keep calm and whatever happens, happens. Usually there is a different theme each month. This month was “Your absolute food favorites.” In which case was hard for me because I have two. A) Cheesecake B) My mothers Mac & Cheese. I decided…

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