David Banner Is Suing Lil Wayne Over Unpaid Royalties



The number of lawsuits around the Young Money/Cash Money implosion continues to grow. Lil Wayne is suing Birdman for unpaid royalties, Birdman is suing Tidal for releasing the Free Weezy Album and, to complete the ouroboros of litigation, David Banner is suing Wayne.

Banner says he is owed royalties from the tracks “La La” and “Pussy Monster” off Wayne’s Tha Carter III. According to TMZ, Banner is seeking $138,787 in allegedly unpaid royalties for these two tracks and $15,392 for “Streets Is Watchin'” off the 2009 compilation We Are Young Money.

There’s no telling if this is another example of Cash Money’s alleged negligence, but part of Wayne’s $51 million dollar suit accuses the label of opening his Young Money imprint up to litigation from artists by mishandling finances.

For what it’s worth, Birdman still considers Lil Wayne to be a “son.” He said as much in an interview with Power…

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