Rajesh Pullarwar, Mumbai (India)

Mireille Bourgeois

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Our first stop on our trip was Mumbai, India. My head kept wanting to compare what we were seeing with familiar experiences of my past. Because of this, I had flashes of my time living in New York. The busy subways, the people on the sidewalks just trying to get to work, and the feeling of life or death while simply crossing the street. However, I couldn’t under-estimate, just how different from anywhere I had been Mumbai is; the sheer volume of people left you with no other choice but to go with the flow, jump on a moving train if half your entourage has already embarked and you were to be left behind in an unknown station, and also the type of visual exhaustion and stimulation you feel when closing your eyes at night. I wanted to get out and see what the contemporary art scene had to…

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