Regensburg: Top things to do and see


Regensburg is a beautiful city with a medieval core in the heart of Bavaria. In 2014, the medieval center of Regensburg became an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legends of the Old Stone Bridge and the St. Peter’s Cathedral make the city’s history special. Our top things to do and see when discovering Regensburg are as following.

  1. Explore the Old Town

Regensburg is most famous for its medieval old town.

Strolling around in small cobblestoned streets, admiring buildings which history dates far back and searching for some landmarks are absolute guaranties for having an amazing time there!

  1. Cross the Old Stone Bridge

The Old Stone Bridge is the oldest bridge in Germany and is considered an architectural masterpiece of the medieval ages.

Old Stone Bridge, renovated part in Regensburg Old Stone Bridge, renovated part

Notice that the bridge is only for pedestrians! When you plan to visit Regensburg, be sure to read the legend before.

  1. Stroll next…

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