Prove Them Wrong



Prove Them Wrong

When your back is against the wall

Do not look down

For you will surely fall

And succumb to the doubt

That is growing inside you

And is all about

People want to see you fail

So they can succeed

And off of others’ failures

People feed

But I say

Fight back, even if your pride bleeds

Though they are strong

You are you

So prove them wrong

You’re above

And they’re below

Overcome they’re ignorance

And let them know

That this is your place

That they need to find their own space

Just guard your heart

And sharpen your mind

For at this rate

More haters gonna hate

But you don’t have to bite

Let them fail on their own bate

For you’re the master of your own life

And you should not let others define your own fate

So go out

And show the world…

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