Truck Driver Runs From Oil Tanker Before It Explodes

Mt. Vernon Network News

A semi tank truck that had just removed crude oil from an oil tank battery northwest of Sandoval exploded and burned Friday afternoon.

Officials say the driver of the truck, 24-year-old Glen Dial of North 1700 Street in St. Peter, heard the truck trailer making noises as he prepared to leave the tank battery and took off running to escape. Sandoval Fire Protection District firemen say Dial received apparent minor injuries, including singed hair. He was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia for treatment.

The incident occurred in a field off the Meridian Road near the Ducomb Road intersection about five miles north of U.S. 50. Firemen say when they arrived the truck cab had been destroyed by fire and a large hole had been blown into the side of the tanker. The fire also spread to about 20 acres of soybeans.

Sandoval called Odin, Patoka, and Huey-Boulder-Ferrin Firemen…

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