Body Language – Reading Theirs and Yours

Dusk Till Dawn


Body Language – Reading Theirs & Yours


This will be your Dusk Till Dawn Business fix for the next two weeks. I will be in Vegas with the Fiancé for some us time so you guys will have wait (I’m sure with eager anticipation) till August 17th for the next installment.


Many of you are not aware that I had been in Telemarketing industry for over 20 years. That’s how I cut my teeth in the world of sales. It’s an interesting way to get acclimated to sales & it taught me several lessons that I remember to this day. If you’ve ever seen Wolf of Wall Street or Boiler Room, well then this was basically the world I lived in for years (except I was always selling a very legitimate product). All the coaching from managers and motivational morning meetings were common place for me. When…

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