Hartford Yard Goats, A Name That ‘Got People’s Goat’ – At First


018 Photo by Jacqueline Bennett  July, 2015.

Article & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com

It appears to have been part of the plan – a masterful marketing strategy. When the “Hartford Yard Goats”, the name of Hartford, Connecticut’s new Double A minor league baseball team, was announced in March of this year it was met with less than enthusiasm by the general public. One might say, it got people’s goat.

“Hartford fans were crestfallen. While the city was preparing to welcome a professional baseball team, the team owners were orchestrating a circus,” Kristen Hussey wrote in a piece in the New York Times.

Fans of the Eastern League Rock Cats, the team set to be transplanted the 14 minute drive from New Britain to the capital city and recast as the Yard Goats, were quoted in area newspapers disparaging the moniker. Local editorials spouted skepticism.020

Then, a change began to take…

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