Seven traps to avoid at the negotiating table

The HugoInga Blog

YOU can’t always get what you want, or even what you deserve — you get what you negotiate.

That’s according to Dr Matt Lohmeyer, a professional negotiator whose firm Negotiation Partners works with such titans as BHP, Coles and the Royal Australian Army.

Doing deals with big business, government and military contractors requires “pretty heavy duty skills”, but Dr Lohmeyer says the most important element in negotiating is to “be prepared”.

“Know exactly where you can go, and where you can’t, so you’re not bullied into a position where it’s not a good place for you,” he told

And don’t be swayed by “bully boy tactics”; if a party is sitting across the table from you, remember that they are there because they want something you have. It’s your job to ask the right questions to find out what that is.

“Most of the time, it is theatre,”…

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