A Zest of Revolution

The Noble Chase

Too bad we are unable

To take a little knife

And zest a little lemon

To shake up our little life.

And once we’re all shook up

We should be the planners

Of a revitalizing revolt-

A final castoff of all life’s manners.

From this citrus momentum

Would spring banners dripping red

Daring and loud promotions-

A declaration to infect the head.

With their heads laid up

The contagion will spread-

A refreshing mist inspiring masses,

The resurrection of the dead.

Thus we have erected a lighthouse.

A pillar to guide us far away

Crowned with a light

Blinking unceasingly night and day.

Though together we are all

But buoys bobbing in the waves.

Floating towards a destination

Fearful of all looming cliffs and caves.

Perhaps, for us to be powerless

Is not a plague nor curse

Not a lifetime of numbing anguish,

But rather something much worse

Something like…

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