Drinking excessive amounts of coffee may be linked with dementia and Alzheimer’s

News For The Blind


It was once believed that having a cup of coffee every morning will help people ease into a highly productive day. But recent studies have shown that indulging in excessive amounts of coffee will increase the risk of MCI (mild cognitive impairment).

Scientists have studied relationships between the consumption of coffee & various medical conditions. You should know that coffee is acidic and its caffeine content has a stimulating effect. Increased coffee consumption may just lead to MCI apparently. This is an early stage in Alzheimer’s disease & dementia, both associated with people losing their memories.

Vincenzo Solfrizzi, PhD, MD & Francesco Panza, PhD, MD released a statement which said that the finding suggested that cognitively normal old individuals who had never or only rarely had coffee had a lower risk of developing MCI as compared to those with increased coffee consumption. This showed that coffee in regular or…

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