Roving Rovers Floating Launcher Roves around your screen (app review)


When Facebook debuted its chat head system with Facebook messenger in 2013 it was an instant hit. So much so, that when they axed SMS and MMS messaging from the app, it caused quite the uproar. The Paranoid Android ROM makers would soon pick up the mantle and integrate chat head style notifications into their custom baked ROM.

Rovers Floating Launcher is the latest app to feature a floating ?chat? head. Except it?s not a chat head, but a floating launcher of sorts. The call them rovers. In this  review, we?ll examine what makes this launcher unique.

Rovers Floating Launcher overview

The nice thing about this launcher is that you don?t have to get rid of your favorite launcher to use this. Rovers Floating Launcher works on top of your existing launcher and applications. It is also highly customizable.

The app is free on Google Play, but there are 3 in-app…

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