Do you provide value to your customers?

Some form of value provided by a company no matter large or small is essential to stay viable, sustain and grow.

Dusk Till Dawn

Customers have legions of salespeople trying to sell them, all claiming to have the next best thing since the Snuggie. So ask yourself, what value do you bring them? What value does your product or company offer? If you can’t easily answer that question you might want to choose another line of work, or better yet, another company to work for.

next big thing

For me answering that question has always been easy & it falls into three major categories.

  • Quality – I offer a quality product that consumers appreciate. My company is known as a quality manufacturer that doesn’t do cheap & pretty. To be blunt, we sell good stuff.
  • Innovation – I offer more new products and to be precise, more innovative fun products in one year than many of our competitors do combined in 5 years total.
  • Integrity – If I tell a customer we’ve got a winner and that a…

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