How Menswear Is Actually Making the World a Better Place For Factory Workers


Today The Huffington Post‘s Highline published a longform feature, titled “The Myth of the Ethical Shopper“. The piece operates as a takedown of the American myth that by protesting poor factory conditions, we’re helping to save the modern production cycle. While we, as a culture, believe that our efforts to combat poorly-ventilated factories, and child labor have actually made the clothing manufacturing industry change for the better; all we’ve really done is create an environment where factories merely appear to make positive changes—not truly enact them.

Most notably, the Huffington Post piece draws the “fire extinguisher story:”

“The way it goes is, an inspector was walking through a clothing factory in Bangladesh and noticed that it had three fire extinguishers on the wall, one right on top of the other. He asked why, and the manager of the factory told him, ‘We get audited under three different…

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