Millionaire, the refugees could colonize Finland, because here is a few inhabitants and lots of space.

News For The Blind

In a world of almost 60 million people have been forced to leave their homes. Refugees there are now more than ever since the Second World War. Israelilaismiljonääri Jason Buzilla is the world’s refugee problem peculiar solution. according to him, all the refugees in the world to colonize, for example, in Finland – Finland has about five million inhabitants, but an area that is as large as the United Kingdom, where the lives of 65 million people, Buzi says 20 Minuten – page. Another alternative location for the refugees could be the man of the Philippine or Indonesian island states, where to find thousands of uninhabited islands. A third solution would be to take over the sparsely populated state, such as Dominica, which is less than 100 000 inhabitants. Buzi is also the author of a radical solution from idea to call the 11-page report . – If a…

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