MPAA Targets MovieTube Websites in New Piracy Lawsuit However, they do not even know the names of the defendants!

The Information War

Yes, you read correctly the MPAA has taken down MovieTube along with 29 other sites related to MovieTube however, according to the lawsuit papers filed the names and identities of the defendants are not known as they used private offshore servers to hide their identities. Comments have surfaced this morning from alleged site operators who state that they are not worried about the lawsuit because they are not subject to United States law as they live in another country which does not recognize U.S. law specifically the MPAA.

The Motion Picture Association of America has a new legal target. On Friday, its members filed a lawsuit in New York against the operators of various MovieTube websites.

Asserting both copyright and trademark claims, Paramount, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Universal and Disney begin their newest legal campaign without a specific idea who they are suing. The complaint is filed…

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