Texas Pulls Back Welfare For Illegal Immigrants

News For The Blind


The Texas state government recently advanced a bill that would repeal the state’s DREAM Act, which will cause illegal immigrants to pay the same out-of-state tuition that other foreign students have to pay, especially like the ones who are in America on legally obtained visas.

Governor Greg Abbott has said that he will not veto the bill once it gets to his desk, which is just the opposite of the former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who supported the DREAM Act.

Illegal immigrants and Liberal Activist groups came together by the hundreds to protest the bill at the state Capitol, one day before the bill was to be voted on. The rally included other immigrant issues, like anti-deportation messages and driver’s licenses for illegals.


The current DREAM Act rules state that any illegal who has a diploma from a Texas high school, and been a resident of the state for…

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