‘Walking Dead’ Lawsuit: Frank Darabont & CAA Seek Millions More From AMC; Wrongful Termination Claim Finessed


EXCLUSIVE: Nearly a year and a half after the producer and the agency took their first legal swing at the cable channel over alleged unpaid fees, self-dealing, gross receipts and more from The Walking Dead, they’re back today to take a new blockbuster sized bite with some missing teeth. In proposed amended complaint filed today, Frank Darabont and CAA claim that AMC have played even faster and looser with money due to the producer from the five seasons and counting zombie apocalypse hit series.

Surprisingly, the amended compliant has altered the language of the wrong termination claim that had stood as a pillar of the original filing on December 17, 2013. Darabont exited TWD abruptly in July 2011 after the first season had aired and Season 2 was in production. Whereas the initial complaint said that “AMC wrongful termination of Darabont is further manifest from its failure to comply…

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