Non-Starch Thickeners for Sauces, Gravies, and Soups

Heirnatal™ Culinary Revolution

Refined white flour is no good for us, is of such poor nutritional quality its almost instantly converted to sugar in its entirety, and just bad for the body.  It gives me heart burn as well, and you should always listen to your body.

The same goes for Cornstarch,  Arrowroot,  and other refined vegetable Starches.

And we’re not eating butter and chemically extracted oils.

Refined vegetable gums are hyper-concentrated beans and seeds without any of the value of their parent food,  and cause interactions with a variety of medicines,  including penicillin, and effect blood pressure and blood sugar which could be dangerous to people with certain medical conditions.

There’s no need to get crazy with your food or diet just to try and achieve a dish that represents something thats unhealthy that you don’t need anyway,  just because you’ve grown accustomed to it.  So for this reason I avoid vegetable…

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