Turkish air force kills Iraqi civilians, update

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Iraqi village destroyed by Turkish bombs, photo by Chloe Cornish

From IRIN News:

By Chloe Cornish

The village of Zargali nestles in northern Iraq’s Qandil Mountains, close to the Iranian border. More than an hour’s drive from the nearest town, the road hairpins beneath stark cliff faces and through orchards.

Despite harsh summer temperatures, it is green and pleasant, split by a river edged with walnut trees.

But on 1 August, the peace was shattered as Turkish warplanes bombed the area as part of their assault on the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) …

In a visit undertaken by few foreign journalists, IRIN travelled to the village to see the damage caused. While Turkey says the strikes are focused purely on hitting the militants, the PKK say they had no fighters in the area.

Whatever the truth of these claims and counter-claims, ordinary people appear to have borne the brunt of this particular air assault. Mohammad Hassan, co-president of…

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