Do #looks matter at #workplace?

Rohidas Vitthal Sanap: Web Developer/Designer

Is beauty really skin deep? Guess, not anymore. With an international survey, done a while back, suggesting that beautiful people are paid better than their not-so-well endowed counterparts, we wonder if looks and beauty held high grounds within the Indian corporates as well.

Looks-matterExplaining this disparity, the survey blamed it all on people’s tendency to take more notice of beautiful people, which in turn gets their work noticed more than their average looking colleagues. And this, they say, reflected in their salary hikes and promotions.

Really? We get some of the professionals talking on this.

And agreeing with the idea, more than partially, is Sandeep Malhotra, a senior executive, in an IT firm, Delhi, who says, “Good looks definitely help you make that first impression. And if that’s backed by confidence, good communication skills and ability to carry off oneself smartly, the employee is surely an asset for the company…

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