How to help ensure accurate blood sugar measurements

(CNN) – People with diabetes know it’s important to stay vigilant about their health and constantly monitor their food intake and exercise.

This is something that Greg Mader has done most of his life. Check his blood sugar levels.

Diabetics have to test those levels frequently with a glucose meter to make sure they are not too high or too low. Based on the readings, they can make adjustments with medication.

To measure glucose, diabetics put a drop of blood on a testing strip and insert it into a glucose meter that reads the sugar levels in that blood. But if those strips have been compromised, the reading could be off.

Rose Mader, a Diabetes Educator from the Mayo Clinic, said, “All of the strips have an expiration date on them. So you look on the vial of strips and see what the expiration date is. They all need to…

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