Ariana Grande thrills young crowd with slick, sparkly show

Ottawa Citizen

Pop darling Ariana Grande named her Honeymoon tour after a song on her debut album, but it may as well refer to being in the honeymoon phase of her music career.

After all, it’s the first major world tour for the 22-year-old Florida singer-actress, capping off a stretch that includes a number one album, multiple award nominations and a string of top-10 singles.

While there are signs the glow of public adoration may be starting to wear off, especially after last month’s doughnut-licking incident, Grande was the sparkling belle of a fairy-tale ball at Canadian Tire Centre on Friday. To the relief of parents who brought their daughters, it was also a fairly wholesome and family-friendly outing. The crowd of 6,000 or so was predominantly female, with many sporting newly purchased glow-in-the-dark cat ears in tribute to Grande’s role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon TV series Victorious.

The petite…

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