Ever Wondered What It Is Like To Survive 25 Indian Trains In 25 Days?


Sachin Bhandary, quit his successful PR job for ‘The 12 Project’ which involves him traveling to countries around the world taking monthly challenges. At The Hive, Mumbai on Sunday, 16th August – Sachin will share stories from a ‘part-excruciating-part-exhilarating’ journey across the four corners of India ~

His first challenge ‘25 Days 25 Trains’ took him around India towards the last railway stations in major directions. On this crazy trip he bumped into the world touring tea stall couple in Kochi. Later, he got on the most excruciating train journey of 4 nights, 8 states, 53 stops and 4800kms. From being robbed of his wallet and cameras in Assam to being hosted by a cop in Kashmir– the journey pushed him to the limit.

While traveling, Sachin also discovered stories of numerous Indians and their hopes and aspirations. He took a gourmet treat on wheels…

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