Float like a butterfly, shoot like a pro

“I didn’t have the right lens, I forgot my tripod, the weather was bad”, excuses, excuses, excuses. Suffer for your art, by all means, just remember no-one wants to hear about it.The fact is that things go wrong for everyone, at some point or the other, and what sets the professional apart is how they deal with the situation.If you were on a clifftop in the middle of a thunderstorm, doing handstands on a tripod while using an umbrella for balance and the photos are bad, no-one is going to care. The photos are bad, it doesn’t matter how much you risked to get them.Were you comfortably wrapped in beachwear, languishing under a palm tree in a tropical paradise, shooting with a six megapixel point-and-shoot with a scratched lens and simply by chance snapped the first photo of an alien encounter, everyone would care.What matters every single time is your image. The image you deliver is what people care about and the faster you think and adapt, the more great images you’re going to get.Don’t have a wide angle? Shoot several overlapping images to stitch together. Need a reflector? Grab a white shirt, pillowcase, sheet or bounce off a wall. Didn’t bring the tripod? Use the roof of your car, being careful not to scratch the paint or to bump the car while you’re taking the photos.Adapt, think, adapt some more, innovate, jury-rig, fudge and simply do what it takes to get the shot.Not every situation can be overcome, but many of them can. Thinking through the problem, instead of panicking or focusing on what you can’t do, is going to help you get the job done and create those amazing images.That’s what it is about at the end of the day, the photographs. Great photographs that attract attention and spread your message.It doesn’t matter if you are trying to shoot the next supermodel or you’re stuck at your desk and have just run out of sugar to fuel creativity, so you’re playing with your empty Pez containers, making the most of the image potential is always the way to go.By all means, when you start shooting, shoot all of the obvious options. When you’re done … well, then you start pushing yourself. Look for angles, look for opportunities and make those chances you need to step up to the next level and create even better images. Push yourself, don’t be dragged along.

Source: Float like a butterfly, shoot like a pro


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