Put a TOAD on your coffee table

There are more and more coffee table books nowadays. You can find them in coffee shops of course, but also in people’s homes and in those trendy fashion stores, salons and hotels.It is always nice to flip the pages of these books, look at the glossy photos, get lost in thepages as you dream away with the content! Now, suppose you could have your own book created; filled with photographs of friends, of your holidays or travels.Why not?Turn your memories into a special book.? One you can put on your own coffee table, give to family and friends.What about the history of your relationship, photographs and letters, notes and memoirs even emails and texts, from the day you met until now? Something unique and special to share with you children, an heirloom keepsake for future generations?Keep a document of your pregnancy, birth and growing child. Turn your wedding photos into a glossy, hardcover book. Or the capture the construction or re-design of your own home. Maybe you belong to a group or organisation? Then capture those never to be repeated moments and have them turned into book that could be sold to raise needed funds. S0 what exactly is a ‘coffee table book?’In theory, you can put any book on your coffee table, but not all books inspire conversation. A coffee table book is an oversized hardcover book, it is designed to be displayed on a table, sideboard,or somewhere prominant. It is to entertain guests and to stimulate conversation.These books are mainly pictorial, the subject of the book tells visitors something about the interests of the owner.

Source: Put a TOAD on your coffee table


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