Books to Help with Acadian Genealogy

It’s not really true that all genealogy can be found online. Particularly if you are searching for French-Canadian ancestors, the online records are not going to magically fill in the gaps on your family tree. My husband’s family came from New Brunswick and we took a trip there a few years ago to find his roots. He was familiar with the history of the French-speakers being evicted from Nova Scotia with some going to Louisiana, some back to France, and some to New Brunswick.  It was a great trip and he met cousins of his father and second cousins who welcomed us, showed us family albums, and told us about family history. Not everyone searching for their Acadian or French-Canadian ancestors will have the time for a trip to Canada. So, I’m providing a booklist here to assist you in your ancestor hunt. Acadian and French-Canadian Genealogy BooksAcadian-Cajun Family TreesAcadian Descendants Acadian-Cajun Genealogy: Step-by-StepFrench-Canadian Sources: A Guide for GenealogistsDictionary of Canadian Biography Genealogist’s Handbook for Atlantic Canada ResearchResearching your ancestors in New Brunswick, CanadaFinding Your Ancestors in New BrunswickGuide to Quebec Catholic Parishes and Published Parish Marriage RecordsOur French-Canadian AncestorsThe French-Canadian Heritage in New England French Canadians in MichiganThe French-Canadian Connection. Research Pamphlet – French-Canadian-American GenealogyThe books are available from Amazon or you can ask your public library to inter-library loan these for your use. Best of luck with you in your ancestor search.

Source: Books to Help with Acadian Genealogy


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