I know if you are like me Fridays can be real hectic especially when it gets in the afternoon and you are running errands often times in preparation for the weekend. Than all of a sudden it hits you…What’s for dinner?

Well that was my thought process for the day. My mind fall on some Gar Fish that I had purchase earlier in the day and I happen to remember some CALAMARI that was in the freezer. So now I thought what might could be a good side dish with the two as you figure by now I’m going to try these babies. I opened the pantry and Lord…the Hamburger Helper was falling out the panty. So I thought now I got a quick side dish.

Now comes the preparation. 


One 16 oz Bag Of White Corn Meal

One Six oz Yellow Mustard 

6 oz Hot Sauce or to your taste buds or roids!

5lbs of Cut up Gar Fish or what’s in your area


Canola Oil

Two whole egg yolk

3 tbs of onion powder

3 tbs of garlic powder

5 tbs of Tony Chachere if available

3 tbs of Salt

Now combine all ingredients except the Canola oil and white corn meal and together and mix them real good to ensure that there is even distribution on the fish and Calamari.

Next put your white or yellow corn meal in a bowl and add the goods! Place the Gar Fish and Calamari in the bowl and gently toss or roll them around in the mix until they are evenly coated.

Next get your Canola oil hot! I’m using a burner so cook time varies. Easiest way to tell if the grease is hot is after a few minutes of warming is to drop a few droplets of corn meal in. If it starts to cook…Now your ready! 

Now if you are wondering what’s going on in the second pot that is my ground beef that I’m warming for the Hamburger Helper.

Now as you notice below my grease is hot and now I’m waiting for it to brown to my desired texture.

As you can imagine the Hamburger Helper is done faster than I can finish frying the fish so I turn that done to simmer per instructions on box.

Now it’s been  about 40 minutes since the Gar Fish and Calamari has been frying and I already flip it I’ve to get an even color on them.

Pardon my plating skills it’s Friday! It looks rustic & quick but good!

Sam Tumblin



Product mentions Tony Chachere, Hamburger Helper



  1. We are digging your blog at Gastradamus. The dish looks amazing and we are going to have to try this now. Are blog at Gastradamus is gaining momentum, but we need all the feedback we can get. Very edger to hear your thoughts. Drop on by and leave a comment and I will be more than happy promote your blog, hope to see you there and I can’t wait to see what s coming next out of your kitchen

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