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It is truly a pleasure to write about such a amazing and talented friend of mine. I met Twizm at the start of my career. A Indianapolis legend moved to Canada and became an international legend. We met when he was starting his radio personalty adventure with 2locoradio. He helped broaden my career as well as make Water Gate Inc and affiliates known all over the world. If it wasn’t for him I would not be where I am in my career. With great honor I spoke to him and asked how he thought people should see him and he said ” A ” triple threat” “Beast on stage” “Most electrifying entertainer in a long time” ….. Who is that!!?? None other than Twizm Whyte Piece  Aka  T.w.p. – A  Page , Arizona born, “Naptown , Indiana Repping ,  Toronto, Canada Based – ( Multi Award Winning Artist / Performer- Radio…

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New Iron Maiden Music? Its Finally Here.

The Ultimate Sound


For fans of Heavy Metal, there are few bands that inspire more awe, respect and metal horns than the mighty Iron Maiden.  A new Iron Maiden release is always an exciting occasion and today, they have released their first single, Speed of Light from their upcoming album, The Book of Souls.  This is the first new Iron Maiden song in five years, and it is a very exciting event.

The song starts off with a guitar riff, a big Bruce Dickinson scream and the kicks into what can only be described as classic Maiden style.  Bruce Dickinson’s voice has gotten better with age, and this song shows it.  He doesn’t quite have the range that he did in the early days of the band, but he more than makes up for it with the emotion and power of his delivery.  Musically, it is standard Iron Maiden.  Its not one of their long…

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Day 118: Louisiana Creole Illnesses

Mountain Man Traditional Healing

Louisiana_Creole_Flag_2014-02-01_18-35 Flag of the Louisiana Creole people


Back on the subject of Louisiana Creole medical treatments, here’s a list of typical Creole illnesses listed with their English equivalent.

2000px-Decorative_text_divider.svgBobo: sore

Bronchite: Bronchitis

Brulir, brilire: Burn

Brul-soley: Sunburn


Dart, dartre: Ringworm, dry skin patch

Deglann, glandes: Glands

Demanjezon, demanjezan, démangeaison: Itch, rash

Deranjman, dronjmon, dérangement: Diarrhea

Dipthérie: Diphtheria

Disan ho, di sang haut, san ho: High blood pressure

Disan tro ba, di sang qui trop bas: Low blood pressure

Emòrvids: Hemorrhoids

Endijèsyon, monje si lestoma: Indigestion

Foulir, foulire: Sprain

Frison, frisson: Chills

Fyèv, fiev: Fever

Gratèl, gratelle: Itch

Jansiv malad, gencive malade, gencibe malade: Sore gums

Jonis, jonat, la jaunisse: Jaundice

Kolik, colique: Colic

Konstipasyon, constipation: Constipation

Koupe yé dan, couper yé dents: Cutting teeth

koupur, coupire: Cut

Kou-t-soley, coup de soleil: Sunburn, sunstroke

Kranp lestoma, crampe estomac: Stomach cramps

Kriz, crises: Fit, convulsions,

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Walking in the Garden District – New Orleans

My Musical Ride

Garden District (40)The most outstanding neighborhood in New Orleans is the Garden District. It is a collection of mansions  of various styles specially built for the Americans in the 1800’s so they did not had to live close to those of European decent who majorly concentrated in French Quarter area.

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Ever Wondered What It Is Like To Survive 25 Indian Trains In 25 Days?


Sachin Bhandary, quit his successful PR job for ‘The 12 Project’ which involves him traveling to countries around the world taking monthly challenges. At The Hive, Mumbai on Sunday, 16th August – Sachin will share stories from a ‘part-excruciating-part-exhilarating’ journey across the four corners of India ~

His first challenge ‘25 Days 25 Trains’ took him around India towards the last railway stations in major directions. On this crazy trip he bumped into the world touring tea stall couple in Kochi. Later, he got on the most excruciating train journey of 4 nights, 8 states, 53 stops and 4800kms. From being robbed of his wallet and cameras in Assam to being hosted by a cop in Kashmir– the journey pushed him to the limit.

While traveling, Sachin also discovered stories of numerous Indians and their hopes and aspirations. He took a gourmet treat on wheels…

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Teh Tarik

Love. Food. Asia.

Teh Tarik is a Indian based tea that is also famous in Malaysia and Singapore. You can find this kind of tea in the traditional hawker stalls and kopi tiams in Singapore.
Its name, “Teh tarik” is derived from the pouring process of “pulling” the drink during preparation.Teh Tarik is made from black tea (we prefer the Cameron Highlands tea BOH), sweeted condensed milk and some ginger juice; may be added which is commonly called “Teh Sarbat” or “Teh Halia” (Ginger Tea).

This tea is a perfect drink alongside many spicy dishes from Malaysia (like Nasi Lemak), Singapore or India.

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time to cook: 10 minutes

Servings: 4 tea cups

  • 5 tbs black tea powder (like the BOH Tea)
  • 500 ml water
  • 4 tbs sweet condensed milk

  • In a small pot or teapot pour boiling water over tea leaves.
  • Steep for 10 minutes…

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